The Sky is Falling: Internet Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories

theoriesThe world would not be the same if these alternative hypotheses or speculation about alternative possibilities or realities were not around. There are many people or pseudo scientists that claim to know the truth about coming apocalyptic scenarios, such as natural disasters, alien invasions, pandemics that might wipe out the entire human race, climate change etc.

These crazy theories which most of the times turn out to be hoaxes, are often created by or fueled by people that either are probably crazy themselves or they simply have too much time on their hands. Over the years, there have been hundreds of crazy theories and wild beliefs about the Illuminati, victims of Ebola rising from the dead, reptilians disguised as humans controlling the US government and speculation about the vampirism of internationally known figures such as Pharrell Williams, Keanu Reeves and Madonna.

Most of these theories usually spread like a virus, probably because people think it is funny to share them, especially due to the fact that given the popularity that social media and Internet enjoy these days, it is really easy to make viral a piece of information all over the world in a matter of hours, no matter how silly or far fetched or tall tale the theory may be. What usually helps a crazy theory spread faster than lightning is that it might be shared by public figures and media personalities on their public Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat accounts. As mentioned before, social media can help spread false info and hoaxes faster than the speed of light and will quickly become known all over the world and some people might even end up thinking that they are true facts. In any case, over the coming posts, the site will list some of the most ridiculous and paranoid conspiracy theories out there.