The Electric Car Conspiracy Theory

Every now and then we come across claims of a vast conspiracy by the major oil companies in malicious collusion with an equally powerful auto industry. More than once you probably have heard that companies in the oil industry, with its economic power, would have bought up promising patents on electric cars and other alternatives to today’s gasoline or diesel cars. On the same theme, recently I was shown a show about how a malicious automotive abstained from electric vehicle projects and scrapped functioning electric cars. This article will demonstrate both the pros and the cons about the subject.

shutterstock_62555080Corporations with great power lies behind the conspiracy

Many people are convinced that we would have been driving ecologically with electric cars for a long time if the industry wanted it and developed practical, cheap models. The long wait for electric cars has the main reason that there would be too many and too powerful corporations who will loose profit. An electric car does not need oil, fuel stations or gearboxes. Also, there is hardly any maintenance or wear to parts. The high price of electric cars can not only be attributable to expensive batteries but also serves to prevent “ordinary” citizens from buying an electric car. Would you like to learn some more about cars, visit ?

Oil smells, but money does not

The arguments against this conspiracy theory question if it is really likely that the oil industry could buy up patents on smart inventions and then let it lie in the drawer of the reason that they would pose a threat to their gasoline sales? If there really had been so many promising ideas, these capitalists had not renounced profits only because it was the wrong kind of fuel. No, oil smell, but money does not. Had it been possible to make a profit on electric cars, they would have greedily seized the opportunity. The future will tell if electrical cars are here to stay.