Malasyan Airlines Flights

The disappearance of MH370

malasyan-airlines-flightsThe lack of evidence on the location of the Malasyan Airlines airliner that disappeared off radar has prompted all kinds of crazy speculations, some of them ranging from alien abductions to the possibility that the plane actually entered or was sucked into a parallel dimension. These hypotheses have been reinforced, in part, by the inexplicable sequence of missing flights preceding MH370 and the endless coverage of the story by many news networks, which spurred much speculation by conspiracy theorists and the public opinion.

One of the most popular theories is that the plane landed at Diego Garcia, a small British atoll in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is said to have been used by the CIA for covert operations, including the arrest, interrogation and torture of terrorists and political enemies of the state. Another theory is that the plane was diverted to prevent 20 employees of the company Freescale Semiconductor from traveling to Beijing because they had sensitive info about secret US intelligence, which the CIA feared would fall into the hands of the Chinese government. Other conspiratorial versions say that the Freescale Semiconductor workers had been working on a drone smaller than a fly, which could be used as a biological weapon.

Other conspiracy theorists affirmed that Malaysian Airlines flights, the MH370 and MH17, are in fact the same plane. The latter was shot down over Ukraine by Russian separatists in July, 2014. Another theory states that the first Malaysian Airlines plane that went down was hijacked and taken to a secret destination to fill it with explosives and was then flown over the border between Russia and Ukraine, where it was blown to implicate a political party in the civil war. Some also speculate that the CIA was behind this operation, or the so called “New World Order Power Elite” mounted to instigate World War III.