Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Agencies

Operation Gladio

foreign-affairs-and-intelligence-agenciesConspiracists say that, after World War II, the US government sponsored and organized acts of terror to attribute them to left wing movements, parties and communists and instill fear in people; this was later known as the Red Scare.

After the war, the CIA and the British MI6 collaborated with NATO to set in motion Operation Gladio; a plan to portray the European left parties as terrorists and instill fear in the population so that they would vote for right wing parties instead. To accomplish this mission, the secret services conducted a series of deadly terrorist attacks that were attributed to leftists and Marxists, when in fact they were carried out by organized crime units, secret, infiltrated agents, provocateurs and secret military teams, black ops etc.

Operation Northwoods

During the war against Cuba and as part of the covert Operation Mongoose, the CIA proposed in 1962 to conduct acts of terrorism both real and simulated (such as flight hijackings) on US soil; these covert maneuvers were known as Operation Northwoods. At the time, President John F. Kennedy, after a failed attempt of the CIA to effectively carry out the invasion of Cuban territory at the Bay of Cochinos, rejected the plan, in March 1962.

Operation Mongoose was the most extensive program undertaken by the US government against a foreign nation in the sixties. Today there are still secrets surrounding this operation that are considered as the “jewels of the CIA”; in other words, the biggest secrets of national security.

More than 5 thousand acts of sabotage and terrorist acts were committed against Cuba under a period of 10 months, as a part of Operation Mongoose. The program was assembled by the National Security Council of the US after the failure at the Bay of Cochinos and one of the plans was to assassinate Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and other leaders of the Revolution.