Fallen From the Sky

apollo-11Probably among the most popular conspiracy theories out there in the history of humanity, for example, the descending of Apollo 11 on the Moon’s surface, or the alleged UFO that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, near a military base. This incident was responsible for popularizing phrases like “I want to believe” and “the truth is out there” among conspiracists and believers; almost 50 years later, these phrases enjoyed a newfound popularity thanks to the Sci Fi TV show, The X files.

On July 3, 1947, near Roswell, in Corona, US state of New Mexico, an unknown object exploded in the air, spreading strange pieces of debris over the land of a country estate owned by Mac Brazel. The area was inspected a few days later by soldiers of the Roswell Base, who sealed off the area for many days. Colonel William Blanchard was in charge of this operation and news reports started spreading the rumor that there had been a discovery of a crashed flying saucer. A few hours later, when the news had transpired internationally, an official denial was issued by the commander of Fort Worth, exhibiting part of the found debris and explaining that they belonged to a weather balloon.

Decades later, in the year 1991, Jesse Marcel, who at the time was appointed intelligence officer and subordinate to Colonel Blanchard, broke the silence and the theories about the Roswell incident reappeared. The theories that resurfaced were that, among the remains of the ship, officials found dead alien crew members that were taken to the Military Hospital in Roswell and then flown to Fort Worth Base to be examined by doctors. In any case, conspiracists believe that the government kept quiet about this incident because they did not wish to work the population into a panic or for military purposes.