Execution Plan of Operation Mongoose

Execution Plan of Operation Mongoose

operation-mongooseThe planning of Operation Mongoose was scheduled to be successfully completed before the end of 1962. The operating schedule was roughly established as follows:

  • March 1962: Start of operations
  • April-May 1962: Strengthening of clandestine activity within Cuban territory
  • June 1962: Infiltration of secret agents in areas previously selected by the CIA; the creation of three clandestine networks under the command of these agents and bases for counter revolutionary activities in the mountains; subversive propaganda campaigns aimed at encouraging the counter revolutionary activities within the country
  • July 1962: Formation of counter revolutionary groups near airports and communication centers to carry out acts of sabotage
  • August 1962: Launch of subversive actions (such as terrorist acts, sabotage, attacks, infiltration etc.) and other operations
  • August-September 1962: Increase in shares of all types, including which they called “guerrilla” actions with an increase in acts of “resistance” throughout the island; attacks and releasing counterrevolutionary prisoners, etc.
  • October 1962: Widespread Revolt

Towards the end of October of the year 1962, there was a deep reconstruction and restructure process of the new government. The new political panorama in the free Republic of Cuba could not have been further from what the US government had planned.

Between 1962 and 1965, the Central Intelligence Agency insisted, without success, to create a national front of counter revolutionary guerrillas covering the whole Cuban territory, whose headquarters would be in the Escambray Mountains. Numerous military, technical and economic resources were destined to supplying different armed groups covering the 6 provinces of Cuba.

The efforts to establish large networks of intelligence and subversion, whose center of operations was in the rural areas of the country have been documented and released to the press, Such areas were, for example, the mountains of Pinar del Rio, Las Villas and in the East of the country.