The Electric Car Conspiracy Theory

Every now and then we come across claims of a vast conspiracy by the major oil companies in malicious collusion with an equally powerful auto industry. More than once you probably have heard that companies in the oil industry, with its economic power, would have bought up promising patents

Fallen from the Sky: The X Files

The X Files was a Sci Fi TV show that ran on Fox Channel for 9 seasons and quickly became a cult series; the show grew to the extent of becoming a pop culture icon. Today, hearing expressions such as “the truth is out there” or “I want to

Fallen From the Sky

Probably among the most popular conspiracy theories out there in the history of humanity, for example, the descending of Apollo 11 on the Moon’s surface, or the alleged UFO that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, near a military base. This incident was responsible for popularizing phrases like “I

Other Conspiracy Theories

Other conspiracy theories from the 20th century include the incident of Gleiwitz, in Poland. Many people still speculate whether it was a provocation or an incident and many sources indicate that it was a false flag operation. In 1939, Nazi Germany had already invaded Austria, the Sudetes and the

Execution Plan of Operation Mongoose

Execution Plan of Operation Mongoose The planning of Operation Mongoose was scheduled to be successfully completed before the end of 1962. The operating schedule was roughly established as follows: March 1962: Start of operations April-May 1962: Strengthening of clandestine activity within Cuban territory June 1962: Infiltration of secret agents

Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Agencies

Operation Gladio Conspiracists say that, after World War II, the US government sponsored and organized acts of terror to attribute them to left wing movements, parties and communists and instill fear in people; this was later known as the Red Scare. After the war, the CIA and the British

Malasyan Airlines Flights

The disappearance of MH370 The lack of evidence on the location of the Malasyan Airlines airliner that disappeared off radar has prompted all kinds of crazy speculations, some of them ranging from alien abductions to the possibility that the plane actually entered or was sucked into a parallel dimension.

Intelligence Agencies Involved

Operation AJAX and false flag operations The idea that governments and intelligence agencies such as NSA, CIA or FBI were involved in or behind many acts of terrorism is called ‘false flag’ operations. These theories have been repeatedly ridiculed and accused of being mere conspiracy theories by the official

The Sky is Falling: Internet Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories

The world would not be the same if these alternative hypotheses or speculation about alternative possibilities or realities were not around. There are many people or pseudo scientists that claim to know the truth about coming apocalyptic scenarios, such as natural disasters, alien invasions, pandemics that might wipe out